Upcoming Self-Publishing Trends-2020

Changes are inevitable. Changing things is not that easy to accept but needs to embrace as they are completely unavoidable. But here it’s all about trends. So what are trends? Well, it’s a kind of pattern where we spot some kind of shift or current at regular intervals of time. Whenever the preferences or choices are changed by us as we are human and we continuously seek changes and newness in everything. Thus, we bring you the Self Publishing Trends.

So, trends are too inevitable in that way. Though trends are unavoidable they are much creative and refreshing and embraced, welcomed by us. After the writing and editing process, an author got to decide as to how to get his book published. Traditional publishing or self-publishing. Some of the writers may go for self publish due to the benefits of self-publishing it owns. Self-publishing is a great way to make your book available to anybody interested.

 There are some steps to be followed towards the publishing of a book.

  • Writing
  • Proofing
  • Designing
  • Copywriting
  • Self Publishing e-book
  • Self Publishing by print on demand.

The new year always comes with new opportunities, As the new year is approaching it is very important to know about the upcoming trends of self-publishing in the coming year. These trends will help us to keep the authors ahead of time.

Let’s study different trends for the year 2020.

  • Self-publishing will shoot up:

There has been a rise of self-publishing trends due to digital platforms and technology through which they can directly sell their books to for eg. Amazon and also offering the print copies on print-on-demand services. So this shows no sign of slowing down. As more people are learning that they can actually publish that book inside of them easily and at less cost, the number of self-publishing will skyrocket. Authors are empowering themselves with each aspect of self-publishing and getting the help of an expert to edit, design, distribute and market their book.

  • Going for Collaborative option:

 What if no one opens the book even if it has great writing? So, even if authors gain the knowledge of editing, designing, distributing or even marketing, they will need to take the cues from the traditional publishing market. The author definitely needs an editor who matches their needs and having a background of that genre to welcome constructive criticism.

  • Continue to rise in Audiobooks:

 Audiobooks are gaining more popularity day by day due to its digital format and benefits. This format seems to be booming in the market. Over the years it’s growth and sales both shown great progress and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowed down in the coming years.

  • Less time spent on reading:

Due to a number of options available thanks to the digital era, people are spending less time reading printed books due to the availability of books in digital format and other digital sources of entertainment. So, it’s difficult to find readers as they spend less time reading which brings a let down to this trend.

  • Increase in global warming awareness:

 The prices of paper are rising due to the increase in the demand for paper products. So people are becoming concern about the sustainability of forests due to paper consumption. This trend shows the reader’s choice of preferring the companies that are using some of their profits to help make the world a better place. So, as an author, you can show this concern to your readers by choosing to give away some of your proceeds for a good cause.


As we continue to know the shifts, preferences, readers’ tastes, structure of publishing continue to fluctuate it is important for the authors to keep up with the challenges these trends are showing up. Of course, they can connect with the resources available for the talents that traditional publishers rely on. But they must realize that they can alone can’t win the battle without the expert’s help and should show the same zest to write and sell the book across.

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