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Books are nothing without its readers. A book is just a pile of paper wasted if it goes undiscovered and unappreciated by anyone. A writer cannot be a good writer until he is a good reader! So, for every writer, it is important to understand readers’ tastes and genre loved by them as every book is not made for every reader. By reading the readers’ mind its often an easy task to write what they love or seek the most. It is always a writers’duty to teach, educate and entertain them through his unique and interesting writing with the help of various genres.

As I said earlier every book is not made for every reader, it stands true because readers are very picky about their selection of books. They love books because of their preferences. These preferences by readers are the different genres. Of course, the author can write anything of their choice but to reach the hands of the readers it’s a potential reader its really important to study the trending topics or genres that are running in the book industry and well embraced by the readers of today’s time.

It is really difficult for books to survive in the market if it doesn’t reach their desired success as readers put their heart and soul to make their writing work. So, if such an author wants their work to be top-selling or the most popular one they really need to focus on the different trending genres that are the most trending worldwide. In short, the genre is the type of category which is enjoyed by the particular choice of the people.

So, it is important to study the trends or trending genres for the author for publishing their book.

Changing tastes and choices results in changing trends of Genre.

Different genre serves a different purpose to their readers. Some of them are:

  • Sci-fi
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Non-fiction
  • Inspiration
  • Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Kids
  • Young adults
  • Fiction
  • Drama
  • History
  • Horror Mystery
  • Family
  • Religious

Well, above are some of the basic genres but these genres are subcategorized according to the particular preferences set in those specific genres.

Let’s dive deep within these trends of Genres

These genres may be going to be the best trending genres for the coming year and let it prove to be the most loved genres among the readers all over worldwide.


This is one of the lucrative genres of all. This is the type of genre that is almost loved and read by all the readers across. It often has a big business and usually tops in the bestseller lists as it has a large number of readers. Romance fiction buyers range of all ages. This trend always enjoys a robust market for romance fiction e-book. So, this one surely expected to be the best of all trends for the coming year.


The secrets are more intriguing and engrossing which is why it is most loved in thrillers and mystery. They often loved due to the presentation and style it owns and woven with perfect twists and turns. The readers love this genre the most. The moods set in the writing give viewers heightened mix feelings of thrill, suspense, astonishment, the excitement which shows no sign of slowing down of this trend.

Sci-fi Romance:

The name itself suggests that it has a strong base in both romance and sci-fi. It focuses on both the side of the trend and lasts refreshing with its flavor that served in a single creation. Sci-fi is the sub-genre of romance and it dictates the existence of this genre.


This genre of the best suited for self-publishing. Readers often recommend this genre for which it is easy for authors to target this genre in their writing and making the sales efforts for marketing as well. Because of the use of magic and supernatural features, it gained more popularity. Thus, it can be further divided into sub-genres such as dark fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy and so on.

Young Adults:

As the name suggests so is the genre. It basically targets and marketed to young adults. It often presented with fantasy along with sci-fi genres. Moreover, it also interests them more as it focuses more on the youth facing challenges and changes in their lives. Further, this genre is gaining more popularity among the age group of 12-18 years.

With the above-mentioned trends, it is quite clear that they are sure to rule in the coming days but let’s not forget that trends are ever-changing but the unique style and vision are what matters more for your audience. To make any genre work,it’s very important to sell your self-publishing book through effective marketing efforts otherwise no trends will come to your aid for sure success.

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