Steps to identify the target audience for your book.

Feeling passionate about writing? Then you are a few steps away from writing a book!! This is one of the strongest instinct which drives every writer towards his first creation of writing a book.

No doubt that a true and burning passion is the driving force behind any dream persuasion. But the genuine initiative is the first step towards making your dream come true. So for any writer, writing with true emotions, and for your own personal contentment it what really means that you are definitely writing for your audience unknowingly.

But how the people, the audience fell in love with your creation?

“Work for your passion and the audience will worship your art.” which stands true and probably the key to attracting your audience towards your book.

Writing a book is a living experience in which the writer expresses his emotions and feelings through words and ultimately it touches the audience’s heart. So, nonetheless, emotions are one of the best ways to readers’ hearts. In fact, writing for yourself is writing for your audience. A true writer always puts himself in the place of his audience as he loves to entertain, mystify and surprise his loved audience.

Now moving towards a real challenge to reach your target audience and making the mark worldwide.

But is it that easy to identify your target audience? If yes, then how to reach the people who hold the true love for your creation and genre but are unknown of your new released creation which is actually available worldwide.

 Let’s dive in to know the different steps if followed properly, one can easily create awareness and can able to reach their targeted audience in a quite comfortable manner.

Targeting the correct customer base:

While marketing, the marketers or author often make the mistake of targeting too broad of an audience as today is the time where a reader can make choices easily as every book is available virtually. As a result, one can’t make his/her book stand out cleary. So instead of targeting a large audience, authors should make efforts to target the smaller groups whom they find potential leads for their book.

Studying the demographics of their audience:

By gathering the information about the demographics of the audience, marketers or writers can reach the correct audience base. Demographics like age, sex, gender, income level, working or non-working moms help us to understand what kind of content and messaging appeals to the readers specifically. This, in turn, helps us to determine the marketing budget as well as channels for exploring the book across the globe.

Studying the psychographics:

Observing the choices of the targeted audience like about their favorite book, author, genre, books they read per day, about their hobbies, which book they read for pleasure or hobby, etc. can help us to understand the audience’s choice in a better way.

 Online behavior:

Things like blogs that the reader prefers online, the discussion they had in the comment section about various similar books, then which social media sites they prefer for similar books, which online shop they prefer for books can provide useful information about one’s client base.

Surveys can help:

By collecting information from the surveys from the people reading our books or similar books, authors can get the idea of their choices for reading and taste about their preferred choice books.

Arranging the interviews with readers:

Conducting interviews with the readers in person or on phone marketers or author can come to know about their preferences for books.

Keyword Research:

Knowing what the audience is looking for through particular research can also aid in reaching the correct target audience. Studying the trending terms for which readers are searching, helps to know more about the likely customer base. Keyword research can be done with the help of

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Google trends.

These can help you to compile a list of search queries that target audiences using to search for books.

Blog comments:

Gathering the information regarding the audience that is heading towards the particular articles based on books and the discussion in the comments section they had can direct the marketers or author about the interest the customer showing in the other books which are similar to the author’s newly released version of the book.

Although identifying the correct customer base can never be an easy job but by doing a good amount of research through various above stated ways it is a quite simpler and clear task to follow. So, directing the various marketing sources towards that particular target audience is way more proves to be helpful to create a positive buzz and easy to sell the book in the open market worldwide.

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  1. Devinder Sharma - 2nd December 2019 at 2:06 PM Reply

    I am a published author. I am completing my Magnum Opus and looking for a comitted publisher. It is a big book, about 170,000words. It is a story that relies on dialoguing and spans 70 years and also a social, economic, social and religion commentary of this period. It is also an investigation into notions of happiness, joy, fulfillment, peace, enlightenment or moksha.
    I am looking to work with a publisher to make this book teach people across the world, who ate concerned with these matters.

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