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ISBN refers to a unique number provided for every book, which is been verified by the government. The number makes your work authentic and fraud-proof.

Copyright is one of the most important certificates the author should have. Having a copyright taken will help in keeping your work safe and infringement free from other. 

Bar-codes are a form of identification marks for your books. Through which details like price, genre and more.

Like the saying goes “Never Judge a Book By it’s Cover,” is true in human cases, but a cover of the book should stand apart for it to be picked up at the first look of the book. 

Editing plays a very crucial role, before publishing any written content. Rightly edited content works towards giving the right audience to the writer. A good book is when there are no errors of any form and perfectly conveys the message of the author to its readers.

PDF versions of your book, for better reach and easy readability on platforms like Kindle, Google Books, and various other reading platforms.

Do It With Publication Manager | Self Publish

Betagram understands the importance of a book publishing, regardless of being a first book or tenth. Betagram Publishers provides you with a Publishing Consultant who would help you with the best plan as per your budget. The consultant can be approached for any help in understanding or clearing doubts on our services.

The Publishing Manager comes in the picture once an agreement is signed between the author and us (Betagram Publishers) we appoint you a personalized Publishing Manager. Furthermore, the manager will look into all your publishing needs which includes but not limited to cover designing, editing, printing, marketing, copyrights and go according to the plan you have chosen for your book publication. Moreover, the manager will also provide constant updated on which level has your book reached. The manager will also remind you about the cost at every step involved and customize the terms of payment according to you.

In short, the manager will also be supporting you formatting the book, modifying the content, mentor you whenever required and brainstorm for new ideas. 


Get Your Book Publish With Betagram Group.