Publishing Coach - Writing Assistance

At some time or another, every writer faces a block. They tend to force themselves to write but it goes in other direction. We at Betagram Publishers have experienced published writers’ forum. Where you can join the conversation and get free assistance from across the world in minutes. 

You can also connect with fellow writers to share information, knowledge and ideas.

Apart from the discussion forum, you can hire a publishing coach who will be acting as a catalyst in writing your book. The publishing coach will provide you immediate solutions about the concepts, themes, plots, cast, and more. These publishing coach are well trained and belong to writing community. 

Publishing Coach - Specialized Writing Assistance

Do you have a story? But you are not able to pen it down. The reason can be anything, we provide professional authors who will pen down your story for you. Thus, you can get the luxury of the time to build new story in your mind; or focus on your day job or maybe take care of family. 

So what are you waiting for? Get the premium service today. 


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