How to publish a book internationally?

Success is not final; failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts…That’s what the writers live by!!  For every author, success achieved only if he able to reach their reader’s hearts otherwise all his goes in vain, no matter where the readers are from. But how to reach the readers staying in another country or abroad? The answer is pretty much simple to publish your book. With the advent of such technologies, books are reinvented; in more advanced forms such as ebooks and Audiobooks. Thus are gaining more popularity among avid readers. So, the options are getting wider and much easy for reaching our readers staying abroad. Although, the question that most authors get worried about how to publish your book Internationally while staying in India?

Let s get it straight…

How to publish a book in another country? What are the hurdles that the author faces while publishing his own creation in other countries?


Well, YES!! As an author, the dream of exploring your creation across the globe can actually be made happen by publishing your book in other countries even if you reside in India. We can actually get our book published in other countries. As well and make your book reach millions of people living there. Therefore, make them aware of our thoughts and messages through traditional publishing, self-publishing or ebooks.

But how it should be written or what are some tips behind making it work well abroad?

Let’s make it straight good work always work, heard and appreciated though slowly but with a steady growth worldwide. Going through the discussion below with some genuine guidelines you can really make your book do really well across the globe and who knows it may prove itself to be the #1 International Bestseller of its time.

Bridging the gap of popular genre and your niche:

Working on the popular genre and the niche of your writing can really help you to decide better whether the genre and its content can able to attract the audience living abroad. Writing on the trending topics and making that as part of your creation can really help you in the long run and will get the right acceptance with a wider audience.

Unique writing and style:

Every writer has their own way of writing and presenting things in their style, but often it goes undiscovered and forgetful for most of the readers if it fails to impress through an innovative style of writing and presentation. Your writing should make an impact! Above all, it will make a place in the readers’ minds and hearts. That’s how the half battle is won.

So, it can able to make way through the reader’s mind and hearts and that’s where your half battle won.

Editing is the Key:

Reading again, writing again, rewriting is the key to making your manuscript perfect. This helps in getting it published through a good publishing house. You can edit your book in either of the ways: Hire an editor, or you can edit a book in the publishing house itself.

The publisher is important:

Going for self-publishing or traditional publishing, the role of the publisher cannot be ignored. In conclusion, choosing the correct publisher for publishing your book will able to give your book its desired success as it has its own credibility to speak for themselves as well.

Translations can reach a wider audience:

Reading in your own language can enhance your reading experience. So, publishing your book’s translation increases the readers for your book. As we discussed some above-stated guidelines, let’s move towards the next step of publishing your book in different countries:

How to publish your book internationally:

To make your mark in different countries, here some of the useful tips to be followed as mentioned below :

There are two channels available for publishing your book abroad

Licensing your English language rights or translation rights to traditional publishers living abroad.

Selling your book (English language or translation) directly through online retailers or local distributors.

No doubt that the online option is providing great opportunities for Indian authors. Before selling rights internationally required a network of agents, publishers, translators, distributors and it was difficult for an independent author to break into the market but advances in technology, social media, online retail platforms have made international rights easier than ever for all author-publishers. Writers can now directly deal with licensees and readers all over the world without leaving their actual place.

With Ingram (offline) and the International Online Distribution process, you can be assured that your books are available to the audience worldwide.

Some things to be aware of for authors:

Traditionally published authors need to look carefully at their book contract and about their license.

Independent publishers to check their service agreement of your self-publishing company.

Some tips for marketing

Use of Social Media:

Today, the power of social media cannot be underestimated for sure. It can create wonders if it is used to its full extent. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for publicity of your book can help you immensely and can gain you more popularity with spreading genuine awareness across the globe.

Advertisements on the Internet:

The Internet is one of the strongest and important media for marketing different products available across the world. So running ads and creating awareness through the same is the most viable option for marketing your book worldwide.

Use of Influencers and bloggers: 

Online reviews for your book have a stronger impact on viewers and can create a healthy awareness. On the other hand, these influencers and bloggers share their reviews and thoughts which can have a positive effect on your book’s popularity. Likewise can help to reach your book to a larger audience.

For ebooks, how to get it published abroad?

With Amazon’s  Kindle:

To get your book noticed, an ebook is one of the best suitable options as it becomes popular for reading books available online. You can easily publish, by just uploading your manuscript with cover design. Then selecting the price and marketplace for your soon to be an ebook. With Amazon, your ebook will reach the audiences where Amazon has a good marketplace for itself.


Though it is not that as popular as Amazon. Likewise can be considered as another safe option to go for. Like you can set the price for your ebook and has a wider reach than Amazon. It makes a book available for many platforms like Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle, etc.

Free online platforms:

Wattpad and Figment are available for free and not paid publishing sites but. Furthermore, you can upload and publish your book on these two sites for free.

Don’t wait for the opportunity, Create it

So, here the opportunities waiting for you, go create a world for you, worldwide by publishing your book Internationally and making a mark across the globe.

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