Book Marketing With Betagram Publishers

We cater to your audience at PAN India level, we understand that your readers are not present in one particular location and are across the country. Therefore, through online distribution channel like – Flipkart, Amazon, PayTm, Snapdeal and other platforms. Your books are sold through online channels and deliver the hard copy of the book to your readers. Thus, boarding your book into a flight of domestic travel with our amazing book marketing services.

With the internet in the picture, your audience is not limited to India only, through global book platforms like Amazon Kindle, Ingram, GoodReads, Oxford and more. You can create fans of your work across the globe. You can be rest assured that your readers are well catered in India and abroad.

Our team at Betagram Publishers work with many Physical Bookstores, where your books are kept for display and sales. We are in touch with all forms of book sellers giving your book the importance it deserves and the audience it is meant for. 

In the world of internet, where people search for every minute information on the internet. It is highly suggested to have a website for your book as well for a better reach. Having your website also serves a lot of opportunity as the can give updates on upcoming book, events for writers, giveaway program and more. Betagram Publishers will provide your book with a either .in or .com domain which will help you reach globally and make complete use of .com boom.

Through our online press release service, we will help you reach a larger audience by informing your fans through various social media activities and many other forms.

Offline Press Release comes once all the online press release activities are done. Through offline PR activities we will reach out to the masses, through this we try to reach people who don’t have a online presence and may miss out on your masterpiece. We work with the top 3 news papers of your choice

Oxford Bookstore, the most renounced bookstore in India, are in contact with us. We at Betagram Publishers brings to you this store, where you can place your book for sale. We charge a meger price of ₹2000 monthly (per book) with zero paid promotions.

Info-graphs have become the next big form of communication of any information. One of the largest merits of having Info-graphs in place is, it is easy to infer by all age groups. Our team of skilled designers will build the perfect poster for your book, which you can use to post it on various open Whatsapp and Facebook group or even post it in Library and or Book Stores for enhancing the sales and effective book marketing.

Visiting cards are the best form of remembering you and your work. At Betagram Publishers we make the perfect visiting card so your readers will not only remember your story but will use your Visiting Card as bookmarks. Thus to embrace the memory of book in readers’ heart.

Betagram Publishers team will support you with large number of online blogs and interviewers, who would understand you as a writer and provide insights of your work to the world. This is great book marketing technique for exploring and reaching out to a larger audience.

The video designing team at Betagram Publishers will create video trailers of your book, giving an insight of what your book holds. This will help you in creating a buzz of your work and tap a bigger market.

Goodreads is an international author-reader platform where the author can directly interact with the audience via posts, quotations from their book, host discussions and link their personal blogs too.

We will setup various social media handles for your books, through which you can get in touch with people of the same interest. You can also post snippets from your book on these handles and entice your audience with your work. You can also give links of your websites and videos built for your book and reach out to the mass.


Get Your Book Publish With Betagram Group.