“Let the world hear your precious creation”

Writers are the soul of a bright tomorrow. So writers, Up your game! Let the world do the hearing and talking your next set out. building an audiobooks is to elevating your book towards a new form and shape. It is a chance to show new you as it is the reincarnation of your book. Giving a new form to a book is what an audiobook is all about. Its time to execute your vision by making an interesting audiobook.

We all know audiobook is the newly popular and booming industry. It’s the correct time to act upon it and showcase your creativity through a new manifestation. But before talking of making, let us answer some of the common annoying questions that authors actually think for.

“You were created to excel. There is no limit to high can go in life. Keep stretching to next level”-Joel Osteen

An audiobook needs to be professional and a lot more than just plugging a microphone to a computer or reading from a book from the bookshelf.
  • To understand and decide whether your genre or type is really suitable for the audiobook form or not
  • Cost-effectiveness of creating an audiobook
  • Editing of audio files
  • Publishing and distribution of your audiobook
  • Planning for promotion strategies
  • Making of unique cover art for an audiobook version
  • Audiobook production includes activities such as:
  • Time for recording
  • Considering the extra time consumed for retakes and error-free recording
  • Editing and adding sound effects
  • Cost of hiring narrator and Narration costs
  • Editing Costs
  • Some technical consideration includes decision regarding quality of the microphone, recording pieces of equipment, Audio editing software, etc
  • Consideration for recording space set up
  • Quality check assurance

We, Betagram publishers really appreciate and felicitate for your new venture where we let you meet opportunities with our tactical preparation of creating and making of an interesting and equally appealing sound audiobook.


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