Your Book - Our Pitch

Literary Agent play an important role in the world of publishing, they form as medium between the author and the publishing house. Publishing houses usually do not entertain direct publishing orders, regardless of the fact that your book is good or not.

This is when Book Publishing Agent comes into the picture and supports your idea of getting your book published. The crucial role of a literary agent is he/she pitches your book to the publishing house and make efforts to get it published. They assist you in sales and deal negotiations, in return they charge you a small percentage on sales you make ones the book has been published and is doing good in the market.

A few intrinsic role by a literary agent is they have great contacts with big and small publishing houses. They exactly know what kind of publisher would except the offer of getting your book published. Therefore, it is suggested to hire a literary agent with whom you can have detailed discussion and finalize on a publisher.

We at Betagram Group will act as an Catalyst between you and the publisher. While we are busy working with you designing the cover, editing the manuscript our team will be pitching your book to Traditional Publishers. We believe that, every writer is special and needs dedicated attention. Hence, if you choose our experienced agents for your book we will be providing you the end to end services which starts from Guidance, Script Edits, Designing to Publishing & Marketing of the book.

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