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An author is nothing less than an artist. Just like an artist he also faces difficulties at times while giving out his best art in terms of writing his book. His creation is as worthy as a beautiful painting. A good author always runs short of time as he always wants to pen his imagination without any time limit but productivity is the question that matters for any artist be it actor, player, painter or author. So, there is a number of problems that cannot be described easily in words that come in their way while giving 100%  during achieving the real art of writing their hearts’ content.

So, let’s start by discussing the issues faced by authors or hurdles that come in their way towards the accomplishment of writing their true imagination with passion. This also affects the level of productivity which ultimately decreases the quality of output of any good author.

  1. Lack of confidence:

    Confidence is the base for achieving the desired success. But a lack of confidence can refrain yourself to give your best product. Believing in yourself is the first step towards proving your ultimate talent of writing whereas lack of faith can ruin everything. So facing every situation with confidence and true belief will work wonders in your writing

  2. Annoying “Ifs”:

    The most annoying problem which can really affect the writing of any author and decreases his faith towards his new writing creation is kind of worrying possible questions. Questions that disturb their minds of and on, thereby creating a blockage in the imagination power of any author. Let us look at these irritative questions that authors often go through.

What if the idea doesn’t work properly?

What if the book doesn’t achieve the desired result?

Further what will be the reader’s reaction if the book turned out to be a failure?

What if the book fails to reach popular book stores or the library?

So, these are just a few examples of questions but there can be a lot more in the authors’ mind which only the author goes through and imagine.


  1. Writers’ Block:

    Not only writers but this is kind of block that every human being must have been gone through. This block is a temporary arrangement to restrain anyone from achieving quality work. As writing is the creative field and creativity is often blocked and resumed only after a certain period of time. So, every author needs to work by making necessary adjustments and understand this unavoidable situation which occurs on a temporary basis.


  1. Lacking new ideas:

    Imaging and applying new ideas is what the creativity calls for. But as we discussed earlier its all about productivity in creativity, getting new ideas is not a piece of cake. For this, the author has to explore, discover, read and reinvent his skills for getting new ideas for his creation of a new book.


So, the above stated are some of the common problems that every author faces but what about productivity. Thus, how it can be increased which can really boost the creativity of an author.




The above quote says it all for what can work behind your real productivity required for any author for their thoughtful and creative writing.


So let us go through some below-mentioned solutions to help raise your productivity level for quality writing and making it worth reading for the readers across the globe.



  • Managing time to write:

    Time management is the secret key to achieving even the simplest goal of life. But here it is all about writing and taking out the specifically dedicated hours for purposeful and meaningful writing. It is one of the practical solutions for staying more focused on your writing by giving out more productivity with sincerity.


  • Organize life:

    Organizing things is the first step towards achieving your goals. An unorganized life will lead you nowhere but discontentment in every aspect of life. One will start losing focus and patience which will affect your efficiency which results in unproductivity towards better writing.


  • Decide what really matters:

    Focusing is deciding your priorities and setting it to a particular order of preferences. It’s all up to the author who decides what really matters in his life. It is really important for the author not to get lost and always be aware of the things which need utmost attention and urgency.


  • Taking small breaks in between:

    Writing tirelessly becomes often tiresome. Breaks are important as they prove to be a refreshing treat for authors to get inspire and get some fresh ideas. It also helps to come out of the same old mold of the same unwanted thoughts and thinking process. On the whole, it will rejuvenate and gain you some fresh energy to write for a longer period of time.


  • Follow your body and mind:

    Everybody has their own body clock and routine set. It’s really necessary to hear your mind and body. So, setting your mind will set your body automatically after all a sound mind is a sound body. Thus practicing and writing according to the mind and body. But most importantly when they are really “ON” they can work wonders for you. Moreover, boost your productivity at the same time.


So, consistency and discipline are the basics for quality writing. Showing consistency and staying disciplined to the above tips and solutions. Writers can never be demotivated but will definitely feel more productive and focused on their goal of painting their imagination through writing their new creations.

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