How To Self Publish A Book Online In India?

Technology has proved to be a boon for almost every field. Internet and digitalization are the results of this technology which opened different doors of opportunities for everyone in some or the other way. Today, we are able to enter a world with a plethora of information by just pressing “ENTER” thanks to the digital age. In short, we are just a click away to any information. One such field which is benefitted and flourished immensely from this technology is the book industry. In today’s age, for writers, to write and self publish their book directly not only a dream. But they can actually make that happen too with the availability of online platforms like Kindle, CreateSpace, Lulu and so on.

Era Of Self-Publishing:

Gone are the days where writers need to look for a good agent and a publishing house from where he can edit, market and distribute his books. So, self-publishing is not a nightmare any more thanks to online platforms where it’s been way more easy for a writer to get his book. Moreover making it available to all readers across the globe in less amount time and energy that too with low cost. Let’s get started with the details of how to get the book available online with these platforms?  

Online ebooks stores allow publishing and retailing of ebooks in various ways. Furthermore, the basic services that these companies provide are a conversion of the manuscript into publishing format and access to one or more retail platforms.

 But before self-publishing with online platforms, an author needs to analyze the answers on some of the important points which are as follows:
  • Is your ebook is formatted in a particular format for Amazon or any other stores?
  • Consideration of size of images in order to consider the size of your ebook for uploading and pricing set up. Although if your delivery costs go too high, you are not going to make much royalty.
  • While deciding for the images, it’s really important that you own them or have the permission to use them.
  • If you write particularly for children then considering Kindle Kids Book Creator is a better option to go for.
  • Amazon also provides another option for image-heavy books such as Kindle Edu enhanced for textbooks and Kindle Comic Creator for comic and graphic novels.
 Next decision to be taken for going only for the single online platform or multiple platforms…
  • A writer only with a single book can avail the option of using KDP Select for 90 day periods. That is definitely worth using if you are just starting out.
  • An author with multiple series and want to make a good living then going for multiple online platforms is a safe option for self publish your ebook.
Can we distribute it to multiple other online platforms?

Well, there are options for going directly to online platforms. Rather than to use an aggregator who can distribute your ebook to all other ebook stores.

Basically, there are two options to decide for:
  • Retailer: A publishing company sells books exclusively through its own retail store is classified as the retailer. For eg. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace and so on.
  • Aggregator: It allows us to publish and sell books on a retail basis as well as also distribute them to other online partner retailers and libraries.
How to convert your book into an ebook with online platforms for your e-readers…

Today, publishing is more advanced and made easy with the online platforms available compared to self publish a book involved in getting it printed with thousands of copies which may end up unsold!!

Let us get into the basics of self-publishing books with online platforms…

This is the simplest solution to self publish online with the following online stores.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing:

It is an author platform that allows them to upload a manuscript and list it for free. Thus, readers can read and buy the ebook or even have printed versions created for them as well.


This platform is again Amazon’s publishing platform for print books and allows print-on-demand publishing. Books get printed only when a customer places an order.


This is Apple’s ebook retail store and second-biggest e-store after Amazon. So to publish directly on iBooks, you must have a Mac device, else you will have to go through ebook aggregator.

Barnes & Noble press:

Books published with Barnes & Noble Press retail only at their online and physical bookstores. It also offers print-on-demand publishing.


This is the oldest online self-publishing companies and popular distributor of digital and print books. They retail books as well as distribute them to other online stores.

Betagram Publishers:

This is the youngest platform, which assists writers not only with Self-Publishing but also envelopes – Book Formatting, Marketing, Editing & Proofreading, Publishing Coach, Literary Agents and more.

So, above are some of the examples to sell directly to online ebook stores and no doubt it’s totally up to the author to explore more options and decide to go for the best suitable option for the self publish a book.

 Conclusion: So, not to forget that eBook publishing has opened the doors of opportunities with this simple and easy process of converting your creation into ebook through online e-stores.

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