How freelance writers can submit a Newspaper article?

There are a lot of writers who have started their careers by writing for newspaper columns and eventually growing from it. As a self-publishing house, people often write to us seeking on knowing how to write for a newspaper or how to write a news article. Hope this blog addresses your question!

Newspapers/ editors are always on a lookout for engaging news to be published in order to attract a new audience. Though news agency has its own dedicated writers, the agency also accepts stories from a freelancer that is crisp, on-point, well written, and well-covered.

Steps to follow:

Decide on a news topic

An editor would accept stories that are engaging and provide information more than what the readers already know about. It is best to cover stories or explore topics that are unusual and unexplored. Doing basic research on what, when, why, and how it is necessary for the writer to build an article on it. Once the preliminary research, the writer should think about it from the editor’s point of view. A story would only be accepted if it has something new and extra to offer to its readers; proving a surprising factor will only add value to the write-up.

Pitch practice

It is important to know the target audience of your article. Your article will be fruitful if read by the right audience. The choice of words for the article should be in lines of the type of audience. If your audience is anyone who is well-read making use of lesser-used words would grab their attention, vice versa.

Pitch refinement

While you are pitching your write-up to the editor, it is suggested to clearly get to the point. The initial lines should be enticing and publish worthy. In the following paragraph mention the details of the news and why you are the right person to write on this, including the 5 W’s for assurance.

Explore your story

An interested editor will always get back to the writer and provide inputs on how to cover this story in a better way. They would suggest you to either increase or decrease (usually) the size of the content. An editor will also possibly suggest new angles for the story to cover or give inputs on what more they expect to write up.

Doing background research of people related to your article would be of great help and provide greater insights. To make it even more exciting doing background research on its history and answering the W’s will prove it better.

Final story

Once all the related research is in place, it is now the right time to write the path-breaking article to establish yourself as a great writer. Make sure to cover all the researched points and start making a logical and appealing picture of the article. Answer all the W’s in format put information point by point.

A reader can pick up important information with a quick glance but reads on for more information. The writing must be kept clean with the minimum usage of adjectives and adverbs. So, most stories are written with an eighth-grade reading level. Finally, I would suggest you submit your article a day before the deadline; thus to better review by the editor and enjoy your first article in the newspaper.

With the above blog, it is now made easy for a freelance writer to submit their work in newspapers and establish oneself as a news writer or as a successful newspaper article writer.


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