How Betagram will be your one-stop solution for publishing books?

Every writer knows the immense pain and efforts that go through in creating content for a book, publishing it, and delivering it in the hands of readers. To publish a book, writers traditionally went to publishing houses and had to go through humungous changes and time-consuming processes. J. K. Rowling’s first book of the Harry Potter series was renamed in the US as the publisher in the US wanted a different name from that of the British one. 

Despite the efforts, changes, and a lot of patience, the authors will get only a partial royalty over the book from the publishing houses. While Betagram Publishers is a self-publishing platform with which writers can create content, edit, design a book, publish, market and sell it. With a self-publishing platform like Betagram, the writers retain 100% of the royalty and get every service that writers would need to publish and sell their books.

Dream: Self – Published Book

The first dream that writers would want to realize is getting their book printed and reach readers’ hands. Betagram simplifies this process of printing and distribution of books. In a self-publishing platform, the writer has the independence to estimate and print the required number of books. Once printed, the major challenge of distribution is taken care of by Betagram. The books are made available in online distribution channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Betagram also makes your books available on global platforms such as Ingram, GoodReads, and Oxford. This makes it easy for you to focus on marketing your book or even write your next book. 

How We Help Emerging Writers?

For a budding author, the tremendous job of writing and publishing would be as exciting and tiring as reaching out to media and readers. Betagram Publishers help you not only to publish your book but in reaching out to the audience through PR releases. We cater to both online and offline PR platforms to target the readership you want to cover. 

Being an author, your online presence is necessary. A professional website will be far-fetched for many writers. Betagram makes it easy for you to have your own website to make it easy for your readers. 

Still Wondering…

We know what’s bothering you the most…. Marketing books! Betagram Publishers help you in marketing your books in various ways. Firstly, Betagram designers create infographics, videos, and other innovative media to market your books and target your readers. 

Remember Aladdin and the Genie? Betagram offers you a publishing manager (he doesn’t wait in a lamp to help you out) to take care of the publishing activities of your book. It doesn’t just include designing a cover, editing, printing, marketing, and copyrights, but also covers your customized needs as a writer. 

Journey: Writer To Author

Not always do we transform our ideas into content or books. Most writers even feel skeptic after writing their content if it’s good enough to get published or not. To solve this dilemma and bring out the author in you, Betagram writers assist you in editing your draft and create a flawless masterpiece. Your ideas could be on children’s stories, horror stories, romantic stories, non-fiction, etc. Just speak it out to us and we’ll give your book in your hands.  

Literary Agent: For Traditional Publishing

Apart from the above-listed services that guide a writer to take the non-traditional self-publishing platform. Betagram also guides writers to take traditional publishing by acting as a literary agent. The literary agent plays a vital role to review your article and get in touch with the right publisher and make the best deal for you. As a budding new author may not have contacts with big publishing houses, Betagram helps the author bridge the gap. 

With all these services, the Betagram Publishers guide every writer across the world to easily publish their content. Thus, reach the target masses. Around 2.2 billion books are released every year but double the amount lies as a draft on the tables of publishing houses. Help us help you by guiding you through your book publishing and let the world know the author in you. 

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