You go to watch a movie and Sallu Bhai kills all enemies returns with the song “Hoor Hoor Dabangg” playing in the background.  Sonakshi waits for him at the wedding hall. PERFECT! So that’s a happy ending.

But, if Dhanush dies in RAANJHANAA it really isn’t a happy ending.

If you are an engineer from “THE IIT”, that’s the end, jobs are a guaranteed-A happy ending

If you aren’t you cannot do anything in life because in India the number of engineers is more than the total population- A not so happy ending

We have transformed the world we live in a world where even an emotion like happiness is judged-judged on the basis of how happy you can show yourself to others. Thus, we say a person is happy when he updates happy quotes on Instagram or is surfing on the mountains of Manali and updating all events on their social media website. We have created quizzes on facebook to judge your happiness levels through a HAPPINESS METER!! And people actually take up that quiz and share their results to show how happy they are!

Well, well, well…that apparently is not my understanding of happiness or “happy ending”

In my opinion, it depends on how you define “happy ending”. Everything about your life depends on you and revolves around you. And hence, there is all manner of happy endings.

·         You brush your teeth and your teeth don’t fall out. Happy ending!

·         You get silk in your Halloween bag and it doesn’t have mustard sauce applied inside. Happy ending!

·         You wake up after having a night out with friends to find that your mom isn’t mad at you. Happy ending!

These are small, but you may not consider them significant enough. Because these happy endings aren’t visible to others whom we try to impress!

As a matter of fact, just to write this blog, I surveyed my friends and the most common reply for their happiness was having either the latest technological gadgets (mobile phones, etc.) or becoming famous. Had these really provided happiness, the rich would never have suffered anxiety and depression issues? And we all know that absolutely is not the case. For me, every time I go out to feast on something yummy it’s a happy time and every time I gobble up the last piece of that huge bhatura it is a happy ending.

It’s rightly said “all well that ends well”

 But it also becomes equally beneficial to see if it really did end well

Are you happy to get a high paying job or are you happy to give life to your imagination in a small messy corner of your room?

Furthermore, are you happy giving interviews on CNBC or are you happy writing the story of your fiction character “Antonio”?

Are you happy by just reading this blog or are you happy to find actual reasons to make you REAL HAPPY and make your life a happy ending…well at the end…





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