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Feeding your body right but what about your mind and soul,  how are they going to be feed by us? The answer is a book which is much obvious but complicated as well! No doubt books are the best friend of any avid reader but the same reader’s life said to be ruined if the books are not chosen carefully and just served by some casual, usual and outdated stuff for reading. Books are the first source of information and can prove to be a perfect guide to anyone’s life. Thus, we Handpicked Books of 2020 for you. So, that suits your taste and probably prove to be a life-changing reading experience!

Well, the new year always begins with the new resolutions but do these resolution includes reading good and recommended books?

Now let’s get started with some of the best-read for coming 2020 which will become a worth read and worth time to spend on.

Below some of the path-breaking and unique books contain a variety of different genres that will turn your time spent into a wonderful, unique and priceless experience.

Handpicked Books of 2020:

  1. Path of Understanding:

    Well as a human being everybody finds themselves strayed at unknown directions at some point in time in one or the other way. Hence, it is the need of the hour to stay focused towards where life is trying to lead you and becomes necessary to get the hold of your life. This book surely proves to be guiding the lamp of your life’s journey.


  1. Consider Jesus:

    Serving your platter with another spiritual yet powerful tool for you to lead your life towards the supernatural power of God Jesus. As we all know there is something beyond science and our imagination, the world we are not aware of but purely believe in its existence. So this is another book which will serve you as the name suggests consider Jesus and he will surely consider you as the only child of his universe!


  1. From Stressed to Sorted:

    Stress is dominating everybody’s life whether it is in personal or professional life. Today everybody seeks an easy escape from stress which is a tough call for everyone. Coping stress has become an annoying issue for quite some time. Its never been a pretty task to tackle it with some casual tried and tested tips. But instead, it will be more convenient to follow and understand the whole process of stress management. Also, sort it out with this useful and perfect guidance for stress control towards a positive attitude towards life.


  1. Against all odds:

    As the name suggests so is the book. A book that will prove to be a source of inspiration to fight the odds life offers us at different points of time. This book offers some indirect paths to overcome and win all the challenges of life. No doubt, that it is a story in which every human being can able to see their lives’ glimpses in the form of struggles. They came across and can’t help to relate themselves with the odds described by the author of the book.


  1. Broken Pieces:

    Poetry is a wonderful art to represent your imagination and this is one of the books which will leave readers with the unforgettable poetic reading experience. Every emotion is wonderfully presented in a mesmerizing way which will ultimately able to touch every readers’ heart.


  1. Hearts can change in time:

    Romantic genres are commonly loved genre by almost every generation. It appeals and always welcomed by their potential readers who love romance and thrillers at the same time. So this book offers a complete package of every emotion which makes it an enjoyable treat for their readers. It will be a captivating journey for their readers who loves and enjoys every bit of emotions described through their amazing characters by its author.


  1. Woozie wisdom:

    This book serves as an aid for all the people who are suffering in their life due to some serious issues they face in their love or married life. Counselling others can never be easy but this book itself helps us to get counseled without any counselor in person. This book does the trick of getting healed and gives the solution at the same time whether its love, sex or any marriage related problems.


  1. Debsian Socialism and the two Americas:

    Politics is one of the inseparable parts of the governance of any country or area. So, this book is one of the well-written books considered in terms of politics for today’s generation. This book helps you take a look at the history of the past; where some socialists movements took place more than a century ago. So, learning from the past and implementing politics accordingly can really help today’s young leaders and politicians to lead their country towards a better future.


  1. Locks and the three bears rap:

    Give your serious reading a funny break with this bone tickling, twisting tale of three bears. This surely reminds you of an old classic of Goldilocks and The Three Bears but this comes with a bit of surprise with a gripping journey throughout.


  1. Don’t let the bedbugs bite:

    Horror is one of the fanciest and dreadful genres of all. Though scary always loved due to the thrill it manages to offer. This includes everything that a scary night has and surely prepared to give goosebumps. Via its chilling short stories, scary poetry and lot more to create a horror drama in your wild imagination.


So, start your new year by grabbing these wonderful yet interesting genres. That will leave your mind and soul with a refreshing experience of fruitful and satisfactory read. Want to be among Handpicked Books of 2020 but missed the chance? No worries, get your book published this year and feature in our 2021 collection.



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