Editing plays a very crucial role, before publishing any written content. Rightly edited content works towards giving the right audience to the writer. A good book is when there are no errors of any form and perfectly conveys the message of the author to its readers. Thus, our Editorial service is perfect for your amazing story.

An experienced set of editors at Betagram Group will work towards providing you the final copy of your work error-free.

It’s completely fine if your book is not in English. We have regional language editors which includes Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, and or any other regional language, we’ve got you covered. Our editing team is multilingual and can edit the content of any language as aforementioned.

Intense Editorial Service

Price: ₹1/- per word. (For Indian Writers) Price: $0.05 per word (For Foreign Writers)

      Intense editorial service is where editor not only suggests and detects the sentence construction, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, concept rebuilding, edits in the concept and many more. Similarly we also advice the writers with new ideas and modification to the story, hence to enhance the effect of story-line.

      At Betagram Group we categorize editing in two forms – Copy and Substantive editing. We provide two revisions for every manuscript. Furthermore, if the writer is seeking revisions we charge on hourly basis.


In the age of Grammarly and MS Word, some writers prefer the old school style. This is for those awesome writers, who wants to go traditional while writing and proofreading the manuscript.

We conduct the basic grammar check, punctuation, sentence construction and spelling mistakes checks. 

Thus, let’s be perfect with human Grammarly.

Price: ₹ 0.50 Per Word (For Indian Writers)                Price: $ 0.03 Per Word (For Foreign Writers)


Get Your Book Publish With Betagram Group.