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E-zine have been doing great. Today, there are a lot of free digital magazines online, which can be explored. Online makes have a lot more upper hand compared to the print media.

Digital magazines or online magazines have a greater advantage over print media. Companies with an online magazine can add links to their website, make it more colourful and appealing. They can also add links to their previous blogs and drive more traffic on the website and more.

Similarly, there is a list of online business magazines that have been doing great and providing insight into the world of business. Talking about a list of business magazines today are endless, providing niche details from the world of business.

Orsus: The E-zine

Betagram Publishers Pvt Ltd is also venturing into the E-Zine with “Orsus”, is also a new-gen business magazine that provides latest updates in the world of business. We look at giving insights on the changing dynamics of businesses, as well as providing regular updates on governmental bodies regulating the various businesses and industries.

Now receiving regular updates on the latest trend and news in the world of business is as easy as a click away. Readers can subscribe to our e-magazines at Orsus. We work towards providing the best business magazines for entrepreneurs and other business personnel’s.

We are also providing a great opportunity to other readers and business house to be a part of our family, either through advertising with us or submitting any of your works to us. We would be printing them on our e-magazine right from the beginning.

Visit Orsus for more details on submitting your work or advertising with us. For more queries, you can drop us an email at [email protected]

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