Don’t For Writing – What To Avoid While Writing A Book

I was a science student in my school days. And I clearly remember while having chemistry practicals, we were instructed what we aren’t supposed to do more carefully than actually demonstrating the practicals. We have always heard Don’t (s) for writing, Don’t (s) for reading, Don’t (s) for this and that…

Okay, well maybe not that, but I distinctly remember how we had to keep in mind all those “Don’ts”

And only now I understand how important these Dont’s are. In my previous blog where I shared a lot of Do’s while writing a book, I think its time I share the “DONT’S WHILE WRITING A BOOK


Don’t Procrastinate

If you are on the way to become a triumphant writer, this is a common trait in writers that you need to get rid of. Lazing off and just postponing things will eventually lead you yourself losing imagination of your very own character. Writing every day will ensure all those ideas to flow smoothly and eventually build up your confidence as you see your book approaching completion.


Don’t for writing only about what you know.

The most important characteristic that distinguishes profound writers from common ones is strong imagination power and effective use of it. It is an old saying that says “write what you know” but it doesn’t apply here. If you have no imagination, there is no point in writing a book because readers fall in love with the imagination, they don’t fall in love with something they wouldn’t find in their real world.


Don’t be afraid of Bad Drafts

Drafts itself are proof that you gave a try and let your self out on paper. Every author has more papers in his dustbin than in his book, has more drafts and ideas than his published works, has more books collecting dust on shelves of book-stores than his best-selling novels. Bad Drafts are your motivation to show that you are through the 1st step of writing a book:  ’to start writing’.


Don’t fall in love with your own words

After having said that, it is also necessary for a writer to be critical about his own book to edit. Every best-selling book goes through a major makeover while being edited by the author himself. Because, as an author, you need to put yourself in critics’ shoes and modify your book accordingly.


Don’t forget that you are the writer

Taking reviews is one thing and getting too influenced by them is another thing. You are the director of your book and it should be only your ideas that should inspire your book. People read your book and recognize you by your ideas through your words.


Don’t confuse your readers

Creating climax, mixing plots, solving mysteries is the most interesting part of any book I read. But when authors in an attempt to make the book interesting on a different level completely mix up plots, the audience tends to lose interest in it. Either the reader will miss up the essence or will leave the book halfway. You have to present the reader with few clues and solve li’l mysteries to keep him engaged throughout.


Don’t exaggerate on anything

Leave a few things on the reader’s imagination, over telling appearances or locations will ruin the image that the reader has already formed in his mind. Because while readers enter your world of fantasy; it is worth letting them imagine themselves as the protagonist and giving their slight touch of variation to your imagination.


Don’t name your characters without serious consideration.

Character naming should be taken very seriously by a writer. It is how the audience connects with your protagonist. If your book has a body-builder and you name him Ramu, the audience might confuse you for not taking your writing seriously. Your character’s personality should match their names.


These are a few of my rules that I wouldn’t like being broken in a book I read. However, I might like your book even if you break a few of them or I might not. Whatever the case an author should be dedicated to his work and his sincerity always reflects in his work.

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