Cover Design – The importance of Designing Attractive Cover For A Book

In my previous blogs I have mentioned about a modified phrase- “It’s the length of the rifle that counts along with the magazine inside it“. Because most of the readers were confused. I will elaborate and discuss how this modified phrase is relevant in the present ‘Book World’.

From times immemorial, we have also used the phrase-“Don’t judge a book by its cover“. But as times change even our toothpaste choices change, so can this phrase survive in this fast-paced world?

Well, my answer is “NO”

We live in an era where the first impression is made by the cover and not the content. Be it the food industry, or book industry- How it is presented is the first step to attract any audience.

Book Covers:

The same goes for a book cover. Talking about myself, I usually am attracted to books with a unique Book cover. For instance, like a face can reflect inner feelings, a Book cover can also reflect what is inside the book and what the book is about, so I will instantly know if the book is my type or not. 

Furthermore, as it is said, “A first impression is the last impression“. A book cover is exactly that first impression that is needed to attract the crowd to your book.

A book cover design is one of the most important aspects of marketing your books. There are many book cover designs that don’t convey the right message. If your cover is unprofessional you will be guaranteed to lose sales. And so one must use a professional book cover designer for their book cover.  Books with creative graphics, eye-catching font style, and attractive covers gain more sales. Because it is an exigent marketing technique, never leave the design to the last minute! Be bold! The design should draw people in, providing enough intrigue and charm that they just have to buy it… now!

Buyers at any bookstore are bound to be captivated by the amount of creative and prolific energy that your book cover has. Treat your book cover like a living thing and allow it to speak for itself. The best book covers have one incredible piece of information that attracts the buyer.

Some Important Role Of Book Cover Design In Your Book’s Success


It is defined as a style or appearance of printed matter: the art of working with text to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. The typography you choose for your book’s title and the author’s name can grow to become a huge brand in the eyes of your readers. Your typography technique must support both what the title communicates, as well as the tone of the story itself.

Cover Images

Cover images must act like Teasers to your cover design and not like spoilers. A well-thought-out cover design tells a lot to a person about the book without revealing every detail. 

Contrast Creates Striking Cover

Contrast is an accentuation of differences between elements in a design as it creates cynosure and grabs attention. Therefore, contrast helps with organizing the information and improving the clarity of the message.

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