Copyright is not a choice, its a must!

YOLO!! You obviously lack originality…This term definitely speaks a lot and nearly the right one for those who don’t feel having any uniqueness towards their work or simply lacks ingenuity and as a result of which it simply gave birth to copying and imitating the original form of creativity. So everything, be it the music industry, book industry or any other industry they all suffer from PIRACY in some or the other way and the need to give protection to them has become a necessity.

No doubt, piracy is strictly prohibited but still not be controlled, thanks to the easy access to technology due to which it becomes more rampant! It leads us to solutions like copyright, patent, trademark so as to protect the different products or creative work in any field. So, let us study how copyright will prove essential for the authors in order to protect their work of creation.

What leads to piracy in the book industry?

Piracy has been quite an issue for a long time and still been continue to be there worldwide. There are a number of reasons or factors which results in the piracy among the pirates which are as follows:


Often people can’t afford a book due to its pricing and they tend to go for some other way out to reach the book somehow. So, piracy is a short and sweet way to get their favorite book by downloading it and reading it offline anytime.

Quick money:

Money and fame have the utmost importance for almost everyone. People love to make quick money with easy business and piracy through illegal can be the easiest way out to make money within no time.


One of the reasons behind piracy is unemployment as piracy will able to provide you a chance to make a good amount of money by downloading the illegal content online and making it available for the public in the grey market.


Today, anything is clicked away due to its fast availability through easy access thanks to digital technology. It gives a sense of freedom to download anything and making a new version out of it and reselling it in your own name.

Exploring is fun:

For readers, it’s a part of the excitement to explore new books regardless of being it a worth or useless to read and explore. It gives chance to readers to read anything at no cost at all. So, without investing any money they able to read any expensive book with the help of piracy.

There are different several ways to Protect eBooks from Online Piracy and some of them are such as Digital Right Management, watermarking, password protection, restrict editing and Legal Copyright Protection.

So, one of the biggest challenges that the author faces is PIRACY.So let’s discuss how copyright can help them to get the protection against piracy.

What is Copyright and why it is important to the author?

Copyright prevents copying. It is legal protection provided to protect the author’s work and its really important in book publishing as its reproduction and distribution have become easier due to the digital age we live in!

Ownership is one of the important aspects for any writer in the context of their creation or a book. Copyright constitutes the ownership of the writer’s original creation. He has every right to protect their creativity as intellectual property and have the control to make money from it. It protects the original work of authorship which includes poetry, novels, songs, movies, computer software, and architecture. Without any copyright, it is easier for others to use or exploit the author’s work without paying any royalty for the original work of the writer.

How to copyright your book?

In order to get the benefit of a copyright, you must register your copyright. It creates constructive notice which is very important. The constructive notice allows you to assert your copyright against anyone from the date of registration. It is easy and inexpensive to register your copyright which in turn provides tremendous intellectual property protection.

It is easy to register your book or creative work by just visiting, the website set up by the Library of Congress. By filling out the form and paying fees, your work is registered. You can also an online resource to register your work for you. Once your work gets registered, you can assert your rights if anyone infringes on any part of your book.

So, if you want to prove your creation’s worth, it is necessary to register your work for the world to notice that this book is your intellectual property.

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