Who We Are?

Betagram Publishers is a venture of two writers who came together to nurture and build the writers’ community. This group aims to provide one stop platform for all the writers, bloggers, researchers and readers. Being in the industry for half of the decade Betagram now has now stepped into the industry to provide quality services. While building this platform we aim to unify the content so the readers can surf blogs, journals, magazines, books, poetry from all sorts of domains, specializations and demographics. 

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What We Do?

Betagram Publishers is not only a Self-Publishing Company but it is a platform for writers to develops their dream into reality. 

A few of our services are listed below. Choose the service of your choice.

Why Betagram?

Betagram Publishers has a team of experts and professionals diversely working together to provide the best quality of work and personal as well as dedicated assistance to the writers. For us the writers are not clients or customers; they are family. Hence, we look after the needs and requirements of a writer with earnest care.

We are passionate and excited to read every story, poem or blog sent to us. We receive tons of stories every month but we strive hard to respond to every writer with the same enthusiasm. 

So if you are a young budding writer or an established author, we will always be available for you.

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The CXO Of Betagram

Aakanksha Karande

Founder – CEO

“Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state.Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool Neanderthals developed tools.”
~The Big Bang Theory

The dawn of mankind emerged and he’s civilization came into existence. Sooner in late ’90s our Founder was born in a small but peaceful town in Maharashtra. Since then, she completed her studies in Business, Marketing and did research in Aerospace and Cosmology. Now with an experience of half decade she entered into the entrepreneurial journey to provide assistance to the writers’ community. With a vision to unify the writers and provide them all sort of assistance. 

Sarvesh Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

 Sarvesh an ardent follower of the words 



“All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”. 



Is a person you will love to talk with, a man with a creative mind which always builds colorful thoughts. He is always searching for an opportunity to improvise himself and maintains it. He is multifaceted and provides inputs on content for the entire digital media teams and for the social media. Sarvesh has played a vital role on putting in the base content that one would see on our Betagram Group. He is also a very experienced blogger and a Quoran. A reputed writer with great achievements makes him the most ideal Co-founder for the company.

Soniya Shirbhate

Chief Finance Officer

 An experience speaks louder than knowledge stays accurate with her – 

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Soniya is a most experienced person in the CXO club. She has revolutionized the educational industry and now is assisting the young minds in developing their careers in writing. She plays a vital role in consultation of the writers, authors, bloggers and or novelists. Being a multilingual person, she enhances and motivates the writers of different  languages of India. If you are looking for great stories and motivation during your writers’ block she might be the right person to contact. 

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