The world has become a global village thanks to a booming Book translation Services technology. Technology paved a way for everyone to prove their talent across the globe but it is us who need to decide how and when to take the leverage of this amazing opportunity that waiting for us to knock! Technology has unbelievably contributed to each aspect of the publishing sector, whether it is writing software, online reading, book research or reaching world audiences through different forms of books in no time. But is it possible for books to reach a global audience if they aren’t made available in different languages for the people living in different parts of the world?


Reaching a global audience is no more of a challenge now. Its writer’s basic right to convey their message to every single person across the globe but somehow they pulled themselves due to multilingualism prevails worldwide. So, here translation is the secret key to communication in a multilingual and multicultural world. It has always been welcomed by the readers to learn a completely different culture through translation but it’s simply not an easy task to tap into the international audience. Without translation, a  writer would be limited to the borders of their own country. So, it is needless to say that authors are just translation away to fulfill their dream of being reachable to a wider audience through their original content.

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Your dream is our destination…We are here to fulfill your dreams by our exclusive translation services with which you can reach your target audience residing in any part of the world regardless of their preferred languages. Today language is no bar, knows no boundaries and borders. In fact, with translation, the author can able to cover and grab the attention of their target audience worldwide. Translation gives wings to words that fly and conquer the hearts of their national and international readers as well. So, let the language no more considered a barrier to reach a vast audience due to some amazing translation services provided here at one of the best publishing houses…Betagram Group. Here, we provide translation services that require some exceptional knowledge of the source and target languages along with the proficiency of decoding literature written in foreign languages.

As the Anthony Burgess has rightly said..

Translation is not a matter of words only but it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

Be rest assured with…

  • A systematic process for translation
  • Expertise for source and target language
  • Superior quality for book translation services
  • Professional Book translation with world-class professionals experts in their languages and culture


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