Uncover the best book cover trends in 2019-20

Nothing is permanent and so, are current trends! But no doubt they are always refreshing and above all NEW. Being living beings, we always seek new changes and that’s why we love and welcome every new trend whether be it in fashion, lifestyle, favorite gadgets or in any other industry. We, the human always judge people by their appearance and not by their thoughts or work, so why not books. Books are no exception in terms of judging it by its book covers!  

The first impression is the last impression! So what we left with when we come across any book with an interesting book cover. Book covers are the mirrors of the book and people use to simply judge the content by the impression it gives. So, no doubt about that why there is so much of importance stressed on book cover trends. Co

They prove to be influential from the viewpoint of marketing strategy as well. It holds good significance in every genre of books whether it wrote on education, fashion, cooking, kids, health or any kind of novel. It often conveys a message or purpose of the story in a unique manner.

Why do people say that “don’t judge a book by its cover” if the book cover holds this much of a significance?

 Though it is a digital age where digital books such as ebooks and audiobooks started dominating the readers’ choice of reading. But printed books are still preferred over digital forms of books. Books with compelling book cover have the advantage of being preferred more for reading; than the book with a simple cover. There are chances of the book being left undiscovered if the book covers are not that unique and interesting. Hence, book covers cannot be ignored and has prime importance. In short, the purpose of the book cover is to create a maximum impact and tee up the reader to get the word of mouth and helps to sell the product right away.

Best book cover trends UNVEILED…

Reviving it with unforgettable book cover:

Consider revising your book with new creative and unforgettable book cover if the sales are not that driving with old and underrated cover.

What if the book left undiscovered due to its forgetful cover despite the fact it had some high-quality content inside it!

Relaunching your old book with a new trending cover is the better option to drive the correct amount of sales for your well-written quality content.

Bold Typography:

This is one of the most eye-catchy and interesting typography that continues to be the trending and dominating one throughout 2019. It is one of the high impact typography which led the book covers to look more interesting and unique.

Less is more:

Going minimalist with the book cover design is set in the new trend with the best book cover design. It’s simplicity at its best with no drama and fuss designed otherwise.

Overlapping of text and images:

It simply looks amazing when things are just interconnected and overlapped. Along, with interesting colors makes the book cover more attractive with a dynamic presentation.

Retro look:

Retro trends are almost trending in every industry be it fashion or art or music. Here, too it gives you a refreshing look to the book cover with a loud yet vintage feel. They give a feel and reminder of old times.

Handwritten elements:

As the name suggests so is the trend. This trend of book cover gives the feeling of human touch with a lot of emotions inside. Handwritten fonts can vary to give a different look and feel such as horror, mystery or maybe parenting novel.

Technicolor book covers:

It’s a book cover with washes of rainbow patterns and color that appears to be moving across the cover and do the tricks with your eyes. There are dimensions elements used which are fun and creative both.

Unleashing some of the above trending trends, it is proved that we do somewhere being unfair; do judge the book by its beautiful and gripping book cover. What are you waiting for? Head on to our formatting & designing collumn and give your book a fresh new look.

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