Steps To Publish At Bloggers Hub

This is the most primary note any writer should make before blogging on BGG’s Bloggers Hub. It is important for the writer to decide on a topic that he/she wishes to write. The blog could be any topic from the ones mentioned above. In a business blog topic is usually provided but other blogs should require a strong topic to write on.

It is always suggested to choose a topic that interests you, rather than writing on topics that lacks your interest. A blogger should also have an outline of the blog ready either on a rough page, so as to not deviate from the topic. The outline consisted of topic, sub-topics in the blog, blog format and a conclusion idea. It is also important to figure the usage of facts and figures in the blog.

Headlines form an Integral part of a blog which could attract or distract your audience. A headline could be very specific to the topic you are writing or it could also be a very abstract topic to gain the attention of the reader.

There are 2 ways of deciding a headline for a blog  firstly, you could wrote any headline and after build content of the blog based on the written headline. Secondly, you can write a working title and layer decide on a final headline once the blog is complete. It is suggested to write a headline that asks an question. As it induces readers to click on the blog and also give it a read. I as a blogger would suggest you to write titles that is demanded by your audience.

Here, comes the comparatively easy part of writing the content. Since, the research has been done; headline is being finalized (at least working title) you can now start implementing the above few steps, undertaken to write a blog.

There are 2 ways of writing the blog, you either write it at a single go and in a single session, or you can take breaks and write it in intervals. It is suggested to write it in a single session as there is more concentration and focus at the time of writing. Writing it in breaks could be a little hindrance as focus is lost and the writer can deviate from the actual topic.

Even a very well written and drafted blog can lose an interest of the reader if it is not combined with relevant images or facts relating to the topic. Images play a very crucial part in a blog, it has the power to make a normal, dull blog a lot more attractive and interesting.

Inclusions of facts and figures are important for blogs that require for them to be put. If a blogger is writing a blog on economy or finances of any relevance; imbibing details if numbers will do good. Putting in relevant numbers helps in making a blog more authentic and reliable. Adding the source link of the facts and figures is a must and not to be forgotten.

Writing a blog is hard but editing a blog is even more harder. Editing is not as simple as it sounds, editing is not only correcting a few sentences and checking punctuation’s. A few facts to look into while editing is – check word repetition, removing “crutch” words.

Editing also includes cutting down long sentences short and reducing paragraph size. Short sentence are easy to read and keeps the interest of the reader alive. Lastly, it is a good practice go get your blog read by others. Moreover, they will review and identify errors that you may have missed or omitted.

I assume now it is clear to understand how to write an effective blog and what are the various types of blogs that one can write.

Types Of Blogging

Blogs have become an important medium for any brand to communicate to its audience. Blogs today are not meant to put out views of an individual. Furthermore, also forms a medium to impart information on any important matters, which could be of any concern.

Earlier blogs where considered to of a single type i.e. professional blogs and nothing else. Now things have changed, there are various forms of blogs that serve different purpose for different people.


Given below are a few types of blogs one can write based on their interest. Explore the types of blog BGG allows on their Bloggers Hub:

Personal Blogs are written by individual on a variety of topics they do not focus on any particular topic. Blog topics of personal bloggers vary from – writing on any particular interest, hobbies or politics. Individuals that are passionate about any thing also write about it to spread information and also impart related knowledge.

Business blogs are those blogs which are written by an individual for a business he/she owns or they work for. The blogs are more focused towards getting relevant online traffic, generating customers, generating leads for their business and more.

Business blogs are a lot more professional and targeted to a particular set of audience than, addressing everyone in general. For example- A person working for a company that is into franchising – will write about the various types of franchise opportunities in the market and how to start a franchise.

Professional blogs written by those who take up blogging as a profession and making a living out of it. They write blogs based on any given topic to them. They use a lot of ways to generate income and make blogs clickbait. A few of the technique used are selling display ads, selling digital products, promoting products of businesses on a commission basis etc.

Like the name suggests, niche Blogs are those which are written on very niche and limited topics. In this the blogger’s research is very easy as the research topic is limited and comparative easy to do. Example of a niche blog is – writing on cryptocurrency, types of cryptocurrency, it’s past-present-future and more.

Bloggers of these kind write blogs in the form of review of a product by others. The main focus of writing these blogs is to generate leads and induce readers to buy those products. The products can be bought via the links mentioned in the blog. The blogger in return gets a commission on this.

As the title says these are bloggers that work remotely for companies based on a small income. Their blogs are related on the topic given to them to write. Freelance bloggers are those who like to write sometimes and preferably write for an additional income.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bloggers Hub

It is important for you to work continuous and attract your audience to come to your platform. You can only do this by targeting your content to the right audience. One of the best way to do this is, explore the field of social media and make your blog visible on all major platforms that have your target audience.

Coming up with new content every time is a daunting task. But once it equally important to keep your audience entertained and informed about latest news the segment.

One of the best ways to explore new ideology is to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. By doing this one can analyse the possible questions that can arise among the audience.

This is one of the best features of blogging, it is not necessary for anyone to know coding to start a blog.

Today, there are countless blogging website, who can help you learn blogging quickly. These sites have a great UI design for easy use. Publishing your content is now very easy than every before.

These days it is very important for any blogger to be active on all the possible social media platforms. It is a matter of fact that your audience could be present on any platform. Reaching out to every member is important, as your content will travel places via these mediums.

This exercise will also help you understand where is your audience or readers present and what is the type of content they seek to read. Once your target market is understood; it is now easy for you to have a single focus and cater to the needs of the readers on that service.

When a blogger has just begun writing and is still an amateur in the field. It is sure that he/she will find less engagement on their content. This could be regardless of how good the written piece is.

Having a piece written which a reader can relate to and create a connection – is considered as the best written material. It should induce them to share it on their personal media platforms, among their friends and family members and more.

This an introspective question, it is only you who has the answer to this question. The questions you should ask yourself is; is your social media presence of any value, are you putting up meaningful posts or content.

Once you put up meaningful posts that is connecting to the readers, they would come looking for you and it will invariably increase your likes and followers on any of the respective platforms you share your work on.

The blogger should also be active on various platforms to understand the topic of discussion, and is it in line with what he/she writes on. Getting in touch with them, having a close discussion in groups etc. would work great for the writer. In return increasing their likes and followers.

Naming a blog is a daunting task for a few and for some a cake walk. Having a name which is easy and catchy will work wonder for you. This would be because as it is easy and quick to remember. One of the suggestions is to name blog or a domain name with the name of the writer. Thus, it has worked wonders for quite a bloggers in the past.

The other suggestion is to name a blog or a domain on the focus of your topic. The topic which you would be covering widely and are interested to talk about it over and over again. In case the title of the bog or your research is very big, keeping abbreviations of the same is also a great idea.

Yes, it is very easy to start blogging with a zero investment, this is considered as one of the top most reason to explore the domain of blogging. Further domains like and WordPress come free of cost. Thereby the only thing to be investing is your time to start writing blogs and keep posting.

This too is a question you should ask yourself. As a content creator I would suggest anyone to write about things they love to do; either during their free time or have an interest towards that. E.g. if you love playing and talking about any particular sport or any hobby that has a takers for it, you should be writing on that topic.

This will not only help you distress but also could be lucrative in the future. If you love cricket morning, evening and nigh, then why not write about the sport and spread knowledge on it. You never know you could be writing for a cricket club in the future, making money out of your passion.

The ideal way of making your content unique is to – create unique content. You can conduct research before writing a blog. However, the writing style should be different. Besides the content, the information should be uniquely  presented with facts and figures.

Choosing the language of the content totally depends on the audience. In case you want to write about a local news or incident or event then it is advisable to use the language which is highly preferred in that region. Similarly, if the blog content is global, you can use the universal language i.e. English. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with one language you can use it perfectly for your blog.

This is solely on you, with my personal experience I have seen content that has only 100 words have done great. I have also seen articles that have 2000 words have failed  to get readers.

The word count more or less depend on your topic. Further what you wish to share. 

The ideal practice is to write the content and cover all the point. The word count is secondary. But, also make sure the content isn’t stretched. Keep it crisp and clean.

This also solely depends on you, if you are able to build content on a regular basis and post 2 time a day 7 days a week, great. Even if you post 3 articles of great quality in a week that would also suffice well.

The best way to decide is to test waters again and understand what works best for you. Also, how can you keep your audience busy and engaging.

Keeping a tab on the performance of every article is also great. So, you can take up future decisions on either continuing or stop writing.

It is common for anyone to find haters in whatever one does. Talking about spam comments, one of the best way to deal with it is to disable the commenting feature on your publishing platform. The only demerit of this is you may miss out on valuable comment of people who are experienced in the field you are writing or on a general terms.

You can explore a few other plugins for your platform to keep spam and negative comments at bay.

Don’t have a good looking blogging platform, fret not! WordPress is there to rescue, WordPress comes with a lot of templates that you can make use of and turn our blogging platform attractive.

As there are large number of template available, you can make use of the best platforms with just a click away. It would require to spend some time and finalize on the bet theme for your platform. You can keep changing the look of the site, keeping it lively and new every time one visits.

It is hard to make a blog completely hack proof. Because there are a lot of malicious viruses running on the internet. These are automated and looking for vulnerable blogs to attack.

There are a few steps or measure that you can take to save guard your platform. The very first measure is to have a very strong and a unique password and making use of security plugin and more. Updating the site to the latest version will also keep your site secure.

Every good blogger has a never ending wish to make money out of this and take this as a career option. But, let me tell you it I really hard to do this, the blogger has to have a loyal audience, the content should be able to standout of the clutter of other similar content.

He/she has to start building content and audience right from a very initial stage in this domain, people should have a trust on your words and should consider you an expert in the field. Once you get enough audiences, you can add Google Adsense to start initial earnings. Furthermore, it increases with time. 


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