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Almost all of my blogs have a special mention to literary agents. Today, I’ll explain in detail what they actually mean and why is it necessary to hire them. Hope this blog will help you choose the best literary agent for you.


A literary agent is a middleman between you and potential publishers—they are your best hope for getting your book published.


A literary agent’s top job is to find an editor who likes your book enough to purchase it.

They’re experts at sending your submissions to the requisite audience. Furthermore, editors know that submissions by literary agents have already made it through a stringent screening, editing, and revision process, agented submissions usually go to the top of the pile which becomes an added advantage.

Literary agents will pitch your manuscript project to publishers and try to get you the best deal. Hence, it is in their best interest to negotiate remunerative contracts with publishers, as literary agents work on commission.


I’ll now mention all the important points which actually are the center of this blog. So, what literary agents basically do (or) assists in, are:

Ø Annotate or critique a manuscript

Ø Offer valuable suggestions 

Ø Increase manuscript’s marketability.

Ø Are actually the authors’ advocates. 

Ø Get you the best deal.

Ø Offer encouragement and support

Ø Help keeps you on track with deadlines. 

Ø Help shape your career by suggesting new ideas,

Ø Find you wider audiences,

Ø Keeps you abreast of changes and trends in the publishing industry.

With these advantages, literary agents come like a boon to authors. As some of them barely know marketing techniques and need to reach out to a wider audience. But every good thing comes with a price, and so do literary agents.


Typically your agent will charge around 15%. Moreover, it may be a slightly wider range for commissions is between 10%-20%.

The simplest form of the commission is that your literary agent gets a percentage of your book royalty based on the number of copies you sell. 

§  How do literary agents get paid?

If you are working with a literary agency that has sold your book; you should have 2 contracts in place – One with your literary agency and another with your publishing company. The first one indicates the agency commission rate. The second one created by the publisher includes the overall royalty rate (i.e. the money that the publisher owes for every book sold). Hence In this arrangement, the publisher pays you and your agent directly.

§  Do these rates justify full-time literary agent jobs?

A literary agent has a tough job, although authors may feel otherwise. And the royalty rate of 15% for a new author who may not sell more than 1000-2000 copies. Thus, the total income for the literary agent can be meager. Unless one of their new authors turns out to be a best-selling author.


Standstill readers. Because the wait is now over. Betagram group now offers young authors a chance to explore themselves and the world outside. Thus we offer to become your literary agents and offer you all the advantages mentioned (and more). We will edit and revise manuscripts while proposing to pitch your write-up with the best publishers.

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