Enhance A Book To A Mesmerizing Audiobook

Moving with time is moving ahead!  Everybody has to move with the time that demands to embrace a change with grace. Changes are inevitable and so are the technologies. It has made every industry undergo incredible changes which include the book industry as well. Due to the advanced technologies, books are not only read but they are more preferred to be heard through their audible form known as Audiobooks. Hence, it is necessary for authors to get prepared for Audiobook Self Publishing from their original written and traditional published book. Though physical and ebooks are still considered cool versions, audiobook sales are booming as people are getting more comfortable due to the advantages that it owns.

Why Audiobook Has Become So Important?

Today, authors cannot deny the fact of convenience that audiobooks provide to their readers such as…

  • Multitasking
  • Comfort
  • Enhance The Experience
  • Time Management
  • Portability
  • More Appealing

Audiobooks prove to be more beneficial even to their authors as well with the following advantages..

  • More Profits
  • Reaching New Audience
  • Broadening The Fanbase
  • Easy and Budget Friendly
  • Makes The Author Stand Out

Audiobooks are profitable industry as the cost of converting a book into an audiobook is much affordable which puts the profit margin for an audiobook on the higher side.

We make it happen!

In recent years the audiobook industry has grown rapidly. It brings great appeal to the readers. Betagram publishers have come up with the service publishing audiobooks. With us, converting your book into an audiobook is made easy.We follow every strategic step to make your book to its advance form of an audiobook which will reach a larger audience and ultimately broaden your following base. We handle it all from mixing to fixing it into a perfect sound audiobook.

Our Services

  • Professional Artist For Voice Over
  • Studio
  • Expert Sound Engineers
We help to improve your overall sales by considering content and taking it to the next level by creating an audio version of your book and thereby ending up selling more of the authors’ created priceless creation. Thus, Request Quote below for Audiobook Self Publishing.


Get Your Book Publish With Betagram Group.