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Recently I bought Alexa echo and found out we can train the machine to a certain extent up to its capability till its software and hardware support. I like the device very much. But in some instances, I felt I am not getting proper satisfaction as it has few inbuild responses and limitations on learnings. As a part of the sales organization I have a different thought process; I think as of now the machine is not ready to support the customer.

The customer is king and intelligent as well. Customers will easily identify the difference between automated and manual messages or responses; received from the company or service providers. We cant trained machines for each and every response. Automation is good but because of this people are losing their jobs.

I still feel some work can be best done by manually only. The real feeling or taste or authenticity used to come through manual work. The human brain has an unlimited capacity for learning. Thus, there is no limitation of inbuild software or hardware which needs to upgrade from time to time. I know change is necessary but not compulsion unless you really need the change.

In the end both have their advantage and disadvantages. To survive in the market we have to use both but which one to use at what situation that we have to analyze and implement accordingly. Automation is the need of the hour. An AI or Bot can ease the work but can never replace a human’s brain.


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